Pentecost Sunday

Hello friends!  Pentecost Sunday is the 7th Sunday after Easter (did that fly by for anyone else???) and celebrates the beginning of the Church.  Well, it celebrates the Holy Spirit coming upon the disciples, which allowed them to speak in tongues and move 3,000 people to get baptized in one day.  We’ll talk all about it when I read Acts…eventually…but this Pentecost Sunday I need a little time to catch up on some other things going on around the house and farm.  Ascension Day has come and gone, but Pentecost Sunday marks the end of the Easter season (which celebrates Jesus after his resurrection), so it still seems appropriate to share these quirky little bits of art history depicting the Ascension.  I guess medieval artists really had a thing for feet!


14th Century Manuscript Illumination by Jacobus da Varagine


16th Century French Manuscript Illumination


“The Ascension of Christ” by Hans Süss von Kulmbach, 1513, Germany


“The Ascension” by a follower of Bernard Van Orley, c. 1530, Flemish.