About the Author


I originally started this project in 2018 as A Liberal Christian Reads the Bible. God vs. The Patriarchy continues to explore the Bible chapter by chapter, finding evidence of God’s radical love for all mankind while considering ways to bring everyone to the table.

I am the mother to two girls, my oldest is Autistic.  I’m in an inter-racial, inter-faith marriage.  I am a farmer.  I adore pitbulls and have two of them.  I have a surprisingly useful BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University and would spend my life buried in unfinished art projects if my husband would let me, but there are only so many boxes of scrap fabric and “maybe one day” paint and canvas this house can hold.  I now live in a tiny town about two hours Southeast of DC on the Potomac River, but bounced around regionally between Charlottesville, Richmond, and DC before landing here, so I’ve lived both the city mouse and country-mouse lifestyles.

Religiously, I identify most as an Episcopalian, but currently attend a Methodist church as it is the closest to our house that offers a children’s program without having to go full Baptist (sorry, Baptists).

I drink, I swear, I had premarital sex and tried drugs in college (hey, it was art school). I have a tendency to be messy and procrastinate.  But I’m trying to be kind, thoughtful in my actions, live lighter on the planet and larger in God.  To do so is exhausting, especially while trying to turn a small farm into a ground-breaking cooperative and chasing after two small and willful children, so I get it wrong a lot.

But the beautiful thing about God is that Xe loves us, and we can keep on trying, and extend that same courtesy of love to the same fallible people that surround us.  I hope that you find acceptance and evidence of God’s love for you here, and join me in pulling down the patriarchy, chapter by chapter, brick by brick.

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