An Extended Break

In real life, I’m the co-founder of Sylvanaqua Farms, which just this January has reached the next stage in its growth: splitting into subsidiary companies, all with the same ethos of providing responsible food to the greater Chesapeake foodshed. I’m heading up our first market garden and apprenticeship program, a double-project that is going to (has already!) need(ed) all my time and attention.

With this announcement, I’m reluctantly stepping away from the blog for an undetermined period of time. This project is near and dear to my heart and I will return to it in the future…but I want to be able to dedicate the resources needed to make it thoughtful, informative, and connecting – not a rushed afterthought. The site will remain active so you can still access your favorite posts.

If you want to follow along with the garden’s progress, you’ll be able to see updates at @farmwifeannie on Instagram. We are also documenting Sylvanaqua Farm’s ambitious business transition (and a lot of cooking videos) on our YouTube channel. I hope to see you there, and look forward to coming back here, when the time is right.

One Comment

  1. Hi! I was reading your post about yeast and honey and I found it extremely well done, intelligent and it gave me some great things to think about! However, and I am certain that I will be an eye roll to you for even mentioning it, but I found it a bit strange to use ‘Xe’…. I’m assuming that’s a postmodern pronoun? Neopronoun I believe the grammatically uninspired call it.

    I only make this complain because 1) God is sexless but actually interchanges He and She pronouns in the Bible and using a Xe pronoun not only makes your post a bit undecipherable for people like me who simply find neopronouns overcomplicated and confusing (and I’m just not going to memorize 700 new ones so a child can call me a bigot for using one wrong, if I’m going to be unjustifiabley castigated anyway I can be lazy) but it actually disregards the “gender fluidity” of God as both Father and Mother.

    They could be considered okay… except now you’re ignoring the historical pronouns of an entire religion and rewriting history based on personal opinion about how God’s pronouns need an update and that’s antithetical to the whole “respect people’s pronouns” argument.

    So I’m sure you think I’m some terrible person for noticing the historical and translation inaccuracy but what’s true is true, dude, and you realize He means both male and female when sex isn’t known, right?

    So women can be He or She and actually are overrepresented by this modernist grammarian rule, such as Latinos is a group that can contain females. It’s pretty much just nonsense and I really enjoyed your article regardless but idk what a “Xe” is and I had to use context clues to guess, so you’re cutting off a lot of people who otherwise would really appreciate your unique insights.

    Lol, xe. I don’t even know how to pronounce that, is it “zhey” “Ex-ay?” “Shay?” and no I don’t need to educate myself because a bunch of people think their fighting oppression by changing their pronouns while Afghani women are being sold into sex slavery. I’m entirely uninterested and my minor is women and gender studies- thought Queer Theory was intellectually contradictory then, still do and it’s literally becoming some weird religion I’m not into.

    But seriously, great writing otherwise, I think you meant He/She by saying Xe!



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