Another Quarantine Update

Dear friends, due to the ever evolving “normal” that is a mother’s life (regardless of quarantine status), I’m taking a little more time off from posting, in order to really give it my all for two upcoming readings.  Only being able to snatch a little time here and there means I need a lot more overall time to do something correctly.

I will be reading Ecclesiastes for the month of May, a book full of passages that have been on my mind often during quarantine.  I’m hoping with a week-ish of reading and writing under my belt before the month actually starts, I’ll be able to do the book justice and get through all twelve chapters during May.  I highly suggest you read it if you are looking for something pertinent to the times that doesn’t smack of apocalyptic doom.

In June I’m excited to start sharing what I have learned from some brief, self-led studies in Womanism, and will also be publishing some guest-posts by some talented women in my life whose voices I’m eager to share.  This also takes time and planning, so say a little prayer that the girls don’t wake up too early, I’m not overly exhausted in the evenings, and that Chris has some time (like today) that he can spend an hour with them out in the field occasionally.  I look forward to sharing more with you soon!  Stay well, everyone.

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