Christmas 2019 Update

Hello friends!  I’m going to go back to my 2-3 postings a week in a day or so.  I’ll start with Acts 9, since we haven’t read any New Testament in a while. Per my promise of accountability (and not asking you to do something I’m not doing myself), I wanted to share my mini-activisms of the week.  I called my representatives today even though the offices are closed, and left messages to let them know what my wishes are for the new year and new session.  My script is as follows, if you want to copy it or use it as a jumping off point:

My name is _____ from zipcode _____.  In the New Year I would like to see Congress decrease funding for DHS programs like MPP, and increase funding of the Office of Refugee Resettlement.  I would also like to see Congress pass the Food Labeling Act and the Food Recovery Act, and work on putting stricter gun control laws in place.

Additionally, the girls and I cleaned out all change caches around the house because our bank is going to stop offering free coin counting deposits at the end of the year.  With a bit of that money, I’m donating to a friend’s birthday cause No Kid Hungry.  I you want to donate in honor of Kari, too, I’m sure she’d appreciate it!  I’m also making a small contribution to my local library for all the wonderful service they provide.  Again, these are *small* donations, but maybe you have some change languishing around that could be put to good use, too.  Merry Christmas and we’ll resume the Bible reading soon!

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